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Rielly found her path by combining her love of solving complex problems, helping people identify and achieve their potential, and public speaking.  

Rielly is a thought leader, innovator, risk taker, mom of two and all around lover of people, places and things. For now, she lives in the far reaches of Western New Jersey with her two young children, and transplanted Australian husband.  She is filled with wanderlust, the travel bug, and a love for adventure.

public speaking

A seasoned keynote speaker, Rielly has a passion for engaging with all age groups and inspiring people to seek their full potential while also being engaged and active citizens. 



Rielly is Founder & CEO of Moms Running. She often writes on subjects related to politics, motherhood, and imposter syndrome. She is also a skilled legal and grant writer.


Rielly has a diverse life time of learning, working, and engaging with the community. An attorney by training, she is also an experienced politician, entrepreneur, and coach.


Rielly is involved in a wide array of organizations and projects: from social justice organizations, to the River Town Film Festival she believes in stepping up and giving back to improve her community.


From a childhood in upstate New Hampshire to a summer farming in Hawaii, Rielly has lived across the United States. Her personal history informs her love of country, her sense of civic duty, and her belief in helping.



In addition to her work as a public speaker and advocate for women’s rights, Rielly is Co-Founder of the Go Boldly Initiative, LLC; Founder of Moms Running, LLC; and an elected official in her community. 

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin

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