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about rielly

Rielly followed her path by combining her love of solving complex problems, helping people identify and achieve their potential, writing, design, and speaking. The impact that we can all have on the world through authenticity, images, words, and curiosity drives her to continue seeking new opportunities and pathways.

Rielly is a doer, innovator, risk taker, adventurer, wife, mom of two, and all around lover of seeking out the beauty and hope in the world. She lives in the far reaches of Western New Jersey with her kids and transplanted Australian husband. She is filled with wanderlust, the travel bug, and a penchant for adventure. 

my story

From a childhood in upstate New Hampshire to a summer farming in Hawaii, to global travels, Rielly has lived across the United States. Her personal experience informs all she does, gives her unique perspective, and drives her ability and desire to connect with people and the world around us. 

collaboration opportunities

Rielly has a diverse life time of learning, working, and engaging with the community. An attorney by training, she is also an experienced speaker, writer, entrepreneur, advocate, and coach. She seeks out ways to lift up and empower women in community, and to bring light and love into the world.

public speaking

public speaking

A seasoned keynote speaker, panel moderator, and workshop leader, Rielly has a passion for engaging with all age groups. She loves to inspire people to seek their full potential while also being engaged and active community members. 

web design

web design

Rielly started designing websites way back when it wasn’t a thing. Now she’s back and making them functionally pretty. She believes in both: sites that 1) function efficiently and 2) look great! You don’t need every single gadget and bell and whistle. You do need someone who listens, guides you and delivers on time.  

web design


Rielly is certified as a Usui/Holy Fire ® III Reiki Ryohoa level II Reiki practitioner.  She has worked to cultivate her own Reiki practice, using energy healing to help herself as well as many others. She offers Reiki energy healing sessions to a limited number of clients every month.

writing in pen and ink


Rielly started writing early, with passion, and never stopped. She writes creatively, legally, seriously, and at times, with humor. Her work spans genres and purposes from web copy to poetry. If you need help with a project or want to learn more reach out!



Via the Go Boldly Initiative and Moms Running, Rielly works with individuals to help them navigate the challenges of this beautiful life. Whether designing the limitless life you deserve, navigating the overwhelming waters of political life as a candidate, elected official, or campaign staff, having the right person there to uplift you makes all the difference. 


oracle readings

Rielly has spent the past several years honing her intuition and working with oracle cards. She is available to provide readings and help you work with the cards yourself.  

podcast microphone


Rielly co-hosts the We Go Boldly Podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to helping women design the limitless life they deserve. Conversations span from finding your inner goddess to learning to express your anger in a world that doesn’t want you to. She is also a regular podcast guest, ready to speak on a range of topics from entrepreneurship to spirituality.

woman working


Rielly is Co-Founder of the Go Boldly Initiative, LLC; Founder of Moms Running, LLC; Website designer at all of the above and here; Photographer at Rielly Karsh Modd Photography; and a life longer seeker of knowledge, beauty, and connection.

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